Microsoft Monetize - Buy mobile inventory


This topic applies only to Standard Line Items. A new version of this document that is applicable to Augmented Line Items will be available at a later date.

There are several different ways to buy mobile inventory using Microsoft Advertising. The procedures are similar, but they vary slightly depending on how you want to buy. The documents in the Campaign Setup section show you how to set up your campaigns for each of these scenarios.

The documents in the Working with Mobile Advertisers section give you the information you need in order to work with mobile advertisers. It covers topics from running cost per install offers (also known as cost per download) to managing discrepancies. The Related Topics section below lists other documentation available in this section.

Campaign setup

  • Buy Mobile Inventory via RTB

    Target other networks on the Microsoft Advertising platform with your campaigns in real time. This requires setting up a line item targeting third-party mobile inventory using the normal buying workflow. Difficulty level: Easiest.

  • Run Rich Media Creatives on Mobile Inventory

    How to set up your rich media creatives to run on mobile devices.

Working with mobile advertisers