Explore placements

The Placement Manager screen shows you essential metrics about all placements for a specific publisher, provides quick access to each placement's details and default creatives as well as placement tag exporting, and offers bulk editing and reporting options.

Getting to the placement manager screen

From the Publishers tab: Go to Publishers > Placement Manager. From the Inventory tab: Go to Partners > Placement.

Customizing data view


Use the dropdown at the top right of the screen to choose the interval for the data that is displayed for each placement:

  • Today: Current calendar day up to the last hour.
  • Yesterday: Full 24-hour period of the previous calendar day.
  • Last 7 Days: Full 7 days previous to the current calendar day, i.e., excluding today.
  • Lifetime: Entire lifetime of each line item, including the current calendar day.


Click the Currency dropdown to select the currency units to display for all monetary values in the grid. You can select either USD (United States Dollars) or the publisher's currency. (If the publisher's currency is USD, this dropdown is disabled.) The default is USD. Current exchange rates will be applied. Exchange rates are updated hourly. (See Currency Support for more information on currencies.)

Time zone

Click the Time Zone dropdown to select a time zone. This will be the time zone that is used to determine the data collected for the specified interval (Today, Yesterday, or Last 7 Days).

Viewing data

The following information is shown for each placement. Note that the data always reflects the currently selected interval, based on the selected time zone:

  • ID: ID number of the placement.
  • Name: Name of the placement.
  • Placement Group: The parent placement group under which the placement belongs.
  • Self-Audit: Whether the publisher has opted to Self-Auditing Creatives its inventory.
  • Imps: Number of impressions for the placement.
  • Network Revenue: Network revenue booked through direct advertisers and resold to real-time buyers.


You can filter your list of placements by name or by ID. Click the Filter button and type any part of the name or ID, then click Apply filter. The filter will return placements matching the filter only within the selected placement group. It will not return placements from other placement groups.

Click Reset to remove the filter and display all placements within the selected placement group.

Assigning a default creative to the placement

You can assign a default creative to a placement by clicking the placement row to select and highlight it, then clicking the Add button in the Default Creatives box that appears. For more information, see Assign a Default Creative to a Placement.

Reporting on the placement

You can report on one or more placements by checking the boxes for the placements you want to report on, then going to More Actions > Run Report. For more information, see Publisher Reporting.