Working with placements

A placement is an open slot on a publisher website where an advertiser creative with matching specifications can serve. For example, a 300x250 size slot on that permits Self-Auditing Creatives without sensitive content could be matched to a 300x250 size banner creative from Sample Advertiser that was audited as non-sensitive. Placements may be used by Selling Guide, by their intermediaries who are using Microsoft Monetize as their publisher ad server, or by advertisers who wish to traffic a direct media buy through Microsoft Monetize.

When you create a placement in Microsoft Advertising, you select the size and types of creatives that can serve on the placement, set a reserve price for your managed and external demand or just for external demand, self-classify the placement with categories and sensitive attributes for targeting in campaigns and for reporting, and enable the placement for reselling, which adds it to the general pool of real-time unaudited inventory. For more information on working with placements, please explore the pages listed below.