Microsoft Monetize - Get deals from seller packages

As a buyer, the best way to find deals is to browse sellers' packages, which are pre-made combinations of inventory and/or data that can be immediately converted into deals or can be used as a jumping-off point for custom deal negotiations. This page walks you through the process.

Step 1. Browse seller packages

On the Package Marketplace screen (Partners > Package Marketplace), browse through available packages from sellers. The following details display for each package:

  • Package Name - The seller's name for the package.
  • Seller Name - The name of the seller offering the package.
  • Price - The price, if any, associated with the package. This is the minimum amount you must bid in order to compete for the packaged contents.
  • Contents Tags - The Context, Audience, and Sizes tags display when the package contains selected inventory, segments, and sizes respectively. Hover over the details icon (eye) on the Sizes tag to view a list of the sizes included in the package.
  • Description - The seller's description of the inventory and/or data included in the package.

7Use the filters on the left to hone in on offers that meet your needs:

  • Filter by Sellers - Select specific sellers to view the packages they offer.
  • Search for a Package - Search package names and descriptions using keywords.
  • Filter by Package - Select package contents that meet your needs.

Step 2. Get deals

Once you've found packages that you are interested in, there are two ways to get targetable deals. You can either instantly generate deals from packages "off-the-shelf," or you can ask sellers to customize packages to meet your needs.

Option 1. Generate deals "off-the-shelf"

Click Add to Cart next to each package that you want to convert into a deal. Then click Get Deals to instantly convert the packages into deals between you and the seller and to receive deal IDs that you can target.

Option 2. Request a custom deal

If you are interested in a package but would like to ask the seller to make modifications, click Request a Custom Deal, enter your message, and then click Submit. Your message will be posted in the seller's Partnership Details Screen - Buyer View. Continue to use the Activity Stream to negotiate with the seller.

Step 3. Target deals

If you generated a deal from a package, your deal ID is displayed in the Selected Packages section.

  • For Augmented Line Items, target deals using line item deal targeting. For more information, see Deal Targeting (ALI).
  • For Standard Line Items, click Target now! to instantly create a new campaign targeting the deal or to add the deal to an existing campaign. For complete step-by-step instructions on setting up your campaign, see Create a Deal Campaign.