Improving ad quality on your inventory

In addition to a robust creative auditing program that ensures a high standard of advertising, Microsoft Advertising also provides extensive rule-based tools for managing network and publisher ad quality concerns, including competitive ads and incompatible subject matter.

Ad quality is a subjective term that needs to be considered in terms of your inventory's requirements. If you find ads on your or your publisher's site that you consider inappropriate or low in value, there are several ways to ensure that a creative, or a certain type of creative, doesn't show up there again. Microsoft Monetize offers the following options for controlling what content can serve on your inventory. These rule-based Ad Quality controls are provided in addition to the Creative Standards that Microsoft Advertising applies to all creatives served on the platform.

You can use the following controls to determine what ads are allowed to serve on your inventory:

Parameter Description
Ad Servers Determine whether to serve only those creatives that are hosted on a specific set of ad server domains. For more information about creating collections of eligible or banned ad servers, see Ad Server Settings.
Brands Allow or exclude creatives based on the brands they are associated with. You can apply a filter to see only new brands.
Buyers Edit the trust levels associated with individual buying members.
Categories Determine which creative categories are eligible to serve (for example, "Airlines" or "Apparel").
Frequency Caps Apply per-user frequency caps to creatives based on their technical attributes. You can also set frequency caps on creatives belonging to a sensitive category (for example, "Alcoholic Beverages and References").
Languages Include or exclude creatives based on the language of the creative.
Technical Attributes Determine the eligibility of creatives based on technical attributes (for example, "Expandable" or "Flash").