Microsoft Monetize - Understanding your pricing terms

Charges and fees for common activity on Microsoft Advertising's platform can be found in the Billing section of the UI. This page provides an overview of these common charges. For a complete list of charges and fees you may incur, see your contract or contact your Microsoft Advertising representative.

Charges for buyers

See Charges for Buyers.

Charges for sellers

See Charges for Sellers.

Tiered pricing (for both buyers and sellers)

Some pricing rates in your Microsoft Advertising contract (e.g., BASC, SASC, ad serving fee) may be based on the volume of your transacted activities on the Microsoft Advertising platform (media cost, seller revenue, impressions). For these cases, the more you transact on the Microsoft Advertising platform, the lower your pricing rate may be. If your activities meet the contractually agreed threshold for tiered pricing, you will receive a credit adjustment for the correct pricing rates on your invoice (for buyers) or seller activity statement (for sellers). If you receive consolidated invoices for multiple member accounts, the adjustment will only apply to the parent member.

Near-real time tiered pricing (for clients who opt-in)

For clients who have opted into Near-Real Time Tiered Pricing, the discounted pricing rates will be applied immediately before or just as you reach the contracted threshold. This will allow you to apply the savings of these pricing rates in near-real time:

  • (for buyers) directly to your media cost budget (instead of having them credited to the Invoice that is generated at the end of the month).
  • (for sellers) directly to your seller revenue (without waiting for an adjustment on your Seller Statement or Invoice).


If there is any discrepancy between when you actually reached the contracted threshold and when our system applied the discounted rate, you may see a credit for a pricing adjustment on your Invoice or additional funds on your Seller Statement or Invoice.

Contact your Microsoft Advertising representative if you want to opt-in for Near-Real Time Tiered Pricing.