Working with campaigns

Once you have created a line item to define your financial agreement with an advertiser, you can set up campaigns to buy media based on your agreement. Setting up a campaign involves defining how much you are willing to spend (media budget), whether you want to buy both direct, third-party, or both types of inventory, how you want to bid (buying strategies), and how you want to target inventory and users.

  • Explore Campaigns: View essential metrics about all campaigns under an advertiser or under a specific line item, find out about conditions preventing campaigns from serving, get quick access to each campaign's details, and use bulk editing and reporting options.
  • View Campaign Details: View the settings and essential metrics for a specific campaign, find out about conditions preventing the campaign from serving, analyze visualizations of the campaign's performance and delivery, get quick access to the campaign's associated creatives, and more.
  • Create a Campaign: Set up a campaign to run on standard web inventory.
  • Create a Deal Campaign: Set up a campaign that targets deals you have with Monetize sellers and/or external supply partners.
  • Update Campaigns: Edit, delete, duplicate, activate and deactivate campaigns.
  • Associate Creatives to Campaigns: Select the creatives that you want to run for a campaign.
  • Buying Strategies: Understand how to optimize third-party buying using CPM, CPA, or CPC.
  • Bidding Priority: Control how campaigns are prioritized in relation to each other.