Working with network tools

Microsoft Monetize provides various tools to help you manage network-level settings. Select Tools > General from the Network menu to view and modify your network-level settings with the following tools:

General tools

Tools Description
Reselling Exposure Use this tool to control the visibility of your reselling-enabled content to other networks.
Content Categories With this tool you can apply a single label to a number of placement groups and/or placements.
Custom Sizes Define custom dimensions and use those sizes when adding creatives or placements to the system.
Safety Budget The Safety Budget sets a network-wide cap on the maximum amount your campaigns can spend per day on third-party inventory.
Targeting Templates Use this tool to apply pre-established inventory and user targeting settings to campaigns.
Third-Party Buying Filters Geography and domain list targeting that applies universally to all your campaigns that buy 3rd-party inventory.
Notification Addresses This screen shows you how to control who receives creative audit, object limit, inventory deactivation, and toolbar flag emails from Microsoft Advertising.

Additional tools

The following additional tools are available from the Network > Tools menu:

Tools Description
Creative Templates This tool allows you to build your own templates from scratch, or copy Microsoft Advertising standard templates and then modify them to fit your needs.
Object Limits Microsoft Advertising limits the number of items you can have on the platform. View the Object Limits Report to see these limits and proactively monitor your current usage.
Manage Network Priorities With this tool you can set network priorities that guide line item and campaign setup.
Create a Third-Party Network Pixel for Your Creatives Create and add pixels that can then be applied to creatives under any advertiser in the network.
Domain Audit Status Use this tool to check the audit status of your domains.