Find an order line

You can search for a specific order line, or search all order lines to find at-risk line items that you can then optimize.

  1. On the Orders tab, in the Orders Tasks panel, click Find Order Lines. A list of all of the current month's order lines appears. These are filtered by default to show all line items except those that have been cancelled.
  2. (Optional) On the Filter panel, specify any filter criteria:
    • To filter the orders list by date: Click This Month in the Date Range filter. Specify a standard or custom time period. Click Update.
    • To filter the order list by status: Click Includes x Values in the Status filter. Click on a status to select or deselect it. Click Update.
    • To filter the list on the type of contract (e.g., sponsorship or bulk): Click None Selected in the Contract Type filter. Click on one or more contract types to select them. Click Update.
    • To filter the list on the inventory (e.g., guaranteed): Click None Selected in the Inventory Class filter. Click on one or more types of inventory to select them. Click Update.
  3. In the search box in the toolbar above the order list, type a search term. Change the search options as needed, and then press Enter. The order list is redisplayed to show only the orders that match your search criteria.
    • By default, the search returns orders that contain the search term you entered. To change the type of search, on the drop-down list to the left of the search box, click Contains and select a different option (e.g., to search for orders that starts with the search term you typed, select Starts With).
    • By default, the search is run against the advertiser, order name, order ID, order line, and order line ID. To narrow the search to just one of these, click All in the drop-down list to the right of the search box and select a different option (e.g., to search for orders by order name only, select Order).
  4. To drill into the high-level details of an order line (Status, Salesperson, what it was Sold As, and the Target Expression), click to the left of the order line name.


From within the order line search results, you can:

  • View the details of an order line – Click a order line's name in the Order Line column to open the Order Line Visibility page.
  • Add an order line to a scenario – To the left of the order line, click, and then select Add to Scenario.