Modify a report's schedule

If you have administrative access, you can select Admin Tools > View Reports to view and edit scheduled reports.

  1. In the list of Saved Reports, select the report you wish modify. Reports that are already scheduled are noted in the Is Scheduled column to the right.  
  2. On the Edit Saved Analysis screen that appears, scroll to the bottom of the page to the Schedules for Analysis module. Here you can see all the different schedules and distribution lists for a specific report.  
  3. Select the schedule you wish to modify by selecting Edit. The Send Analysis dialog appears.  
  4. You can change the RecurrenceSend To email addressesMessage, whether to include a URL LinkAttachment, or Data Snapshot, as well as the Report Status.  
    • To stop a scheduled report, simply change the Report Status to Inactive.
  5. Click Send.