Yammer admin quick start

If you're doing a quick trial of Yammer, you can experiment with the Yammer settings, add some users, and go.

Quick start

  1. Go to the Yammer admin center.

    • In Office 365, go to Admin > Yammer.

    • Or, in Yammer, click the Yammer settings icon Yammer settings icon., and then click Network Admin.

  2. Click the links in the New Network Checklist to get started.

    Checklist with basic tasks for setting up a Yammer network.

You can also click Start Here to go to the Yammer Success Site, your resource library for product training, IT integration guides, and community tips to engage your network.

Ready for more?

Get an overview of key concepts and first steps to setting up your Yammer network with Yammer admin key concepts.

For links to everything you need to administer your network, see Yammer admin help.