In this module, you learned about the emerging discipline of Sustainable Software Engineering. The units in this module focused on each of the eight principles that software engineers can use to make decisions that have a meaningful impact on the carbon pollution of their applications.

  1. Carbon: Build applications that are carbon efficient

  2. Electricity: Build applications that are energy-efficient

  3. Carbon Intensity: Consume electricity with the lowest carbon intensity

  4. Embodied Carbon: Build applications that are hardware efficient

  5. Energy Proportionality: Maximize the energy efficiency of hardware

  6. Networking: Reduce the amount of data and distance it must travel across the network.

  7. Demand Shaping: Build carbon-aware applications

  8. Optimization: Focus on step-by-step optimizations that increase the overall carbon efficiency

In addition, you also learned about the two philosophies of Sustainable Software Engineering:

  1. Everyone has a part to play in the climate solution

  2. Sustainability is enough, all by itself, to justify our work

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