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SiteMapProvider.RootNode Property


Gets the root SiteMapNode object of the site map data that the current provider represents.

 virtual property System::Web::SiteMapNode ^ RootNode { System::Web::SiteMapNode ^ get(); };
public virtual System.Web.SiteMapNode RootNode { get; }
member this.RootNode : System.Web.SiteMapNode
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property RootNode As SiteMapNode

Property Value

The root SiteMapNode of the current site map data provider. The default implementation performs security trimming on the returned node.


The following code example demonstrates how to implement the RootNode property in a class that implements the abstract SiteMapProvider class.

This code example is part of a larger example provided for the SiteMapProvider class.

// Implement the CurrentNode property.
public override SiteMapNode CurrentNode
    string currentUrl = FindCurrentUrl();
    // Find the SiteMapNode that represents the current page.
    SiteMapNode currentNode = FindSiteMapNode(currentUrl);
    return currentNode;

// Implement the RootNode property.
public override SiteMapNode RootNode
    return rootNode;
' Implement the CurrentNode property.
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property CurrentNode() As SiteMapNode
    Dim currentUrl As String = FindCurrentUrl()
    ' Find the SiteMapNode that represents the current page.
    Dim aCurrentNode As SiteMapNode = FindSiteMapNode(currentUrl)
    Return aCurrentNode
  End Get
End Property

' Implement the RootNode property.
Public Overrides ReadOnly Property RootNode() As SiteMapNode
    Return aRootNode
  End Get
End Property


The default implementation calls the abstract GetRootNodeCore method.

Notes to Inheritors

When overriding the RootNode property in a derived class, be sure that the implementation does not navigate the provider hierarchy, if one exists, to find the absolute root node of the site.

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