DataPagerDesigner.GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml Method


Generates the HTML markup that represents a DataPager control at design time that has no visual representation at run time.

 override System::String ^ GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml();
protected override string GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml ();
override this.GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml : unit -> string
Protected Overrides Function GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml () As String


The HTML markup that represents an empty DataPager control at design time.


The GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml method is used by the designer to render the DataPager control at design time if the DataPager.Fields collection is empty. The GetEmptyDesignTimeHtml method calls the CreatePlaceHolderDesignTimeHtml(String) method to create a placeholder that displays the type and the ID of the control, and additional instructions for the user.

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