VBA macro that uses data from a Word document and an Excel workbook to send messages from Outlook


This article describes a Visual Basic for Applications macro that uses data from a Microsoft Word document and a Microsoft Excel workbook to send messages from Microsoft Outlook.

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The following example assumes that there are two defined names in the worksheet:

  • The first defined name, subjectcell, refers to a cell that contains the message subject line (for example, "This is a test message.").
  • The second defined name, tolist, refers to the first cell in the horizontal list that contains a list of recipients (for example, "John Doe", "Jane Doe", and so forth).

You must also have a Microsoft Word document. The text of this document is used by the macro as the message body of your mail message.

Sub SendOutlookMessages()'Dimension variables.
    Dim OL As Object, MailSendItem As Object
    Dim W As Object
    Dim MsgTxt As String, SendFile As String
    Dim ToRangeCounter As Variant
    'Identifies Word file to send
    SendFile = Application.GetOpenFilename(Title:="Select MS Word " & _
    "file to mail, then click 'Open'", buttontext:="Send", _
    MultiSelect:=False)'Starts Word session
    Set W = GetObject(SendFile)'Pulls text from file for message body
    MsgTxt = W.Range(Start:=W.Paragraphs(1).Range.Start, _
    End:=W.Paragraphs(W.Paragraphs.Count).Range.End)'Ends Word session
    Set W = Nothing
    'Starts Outlook session
    Set OL = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
    Set MailSendItem = OL.CreateItem(olMailItem)
    ToRangeCounter = 0
    'Identifies number of recipients for To list.
    For Each xCell In ActiveSheet.Range(Range("tolist"), _
    ToRangeCounter = ToRangeCounter + 1
    Next xCell
    If ToRangeCounter = 256 Then ToRangeCounter = 1
    'Creates message
    With MailSendItem
    .Subject = ActiveSheet.Range("subjectcell").Text
    .Body = MsgTxt
    'Creates "To" list
    For Each xRecipient In Range("tolist").Resize(1, ToRangeCounter)
    RecipientList = RecipientList & ";" & xRecipient
    Next xRecipient
    .To = RecipientList
    End With
    'Ends Outlook session
    Set OL = Nothing
End Sub