Download selected documents from a review set

Download offers a simple way to download content from a review set in native format. The download tool in eDiscovery (Premium) uses the browser's data transfer features. A browser prompt appears when a download is ready.

Files downloaded using this method are zipped in a container file, and this file contains item-level files. It means that if you select to download an attachment, you receive the email message with the attachment included. Similarly, if you export an Excel spreadsheet that is embedded in a Word document, the Word document and the embedded Excel spreadsheet are included in the download.

When you download items, the Last Modified Data property is preserved and can be viewed as a file property.


Downloading an item from a review set does not preserve the item metadata. Item metadata is only preserved when exporting items from a review set.

To download a review set item from a review set in an eDiscovery (Premium) case, start by selecting the item you want to download and select Download original from the item menu.


To download original items from a review set, you must be assigned the Export role or be assigned to a role group that includes the Export role. For more information about eDiscovery permissions, see Assign eDiscovery permissions in the compliance portal.

To download multiple items from a review set at the same time, select the items you want to download then export the selected documents from the review set.