IControlDesignerAccessor Interface


Provides access to a control designer to store temporary design-time data associated with a control.

public interface class IControlDesignerAccessor
public interface IControlDesignerAccessor
type IControlDesignerAccessor = interface
Public Interface IControlDesignerAccessor


The property and methods defined in the IControlDesignerAccessor interface offer a convenient way for the control designer to access a control for passing and retrieving temporary design-time data. The interface is implemented by the Control class. Control designers use the implementation of this interface to access the control.

Temporary design-time data is not persisted with the control itself. To persist design-time data for a control, you should retrieve the contents of the UserData property and store them in a designer-specific location.



When implemented, gets a collection of information that can be accessed by a control designer.



When implemented, gets the state from the control during use on the design surface.


When implemented, sets control state before rendering it on the design surface.


When implemented, specifies the control that acts as the owner to the control implementing this method.

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