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Print general ledger setup information in the Austrian version

Before you use Business Central for daily business tasks, you can run the G/L Setup Information report to display the master data that you set up. You can look over this master data so that you have a baseline to compare to, and then verify that you set up posting groups correctly, for example.

To print general ledger setup information

  1. Choose the Lightbulb that opens the Tell Me feature. icon, enter G/L Setup Information, and then choose the related link.

  2. In the Setup Information field, select the master data area as described in the following table.

    Option Description
    G/L Setup - Company Data - Consolidation Displays tables for general ledger setup, company information, and business units.
    Posting Groups Displays customer posting group tables, vendor posting group tables, inventory posting group tables, and bank account posting group tables.
    Posting Matrix Displays general business posting group tables, general product posting group tables, and general posting group tables.
    VAT Setup Displays VAT business posting group tables, VAT product posting group tables, and VAT posting setup tables.
    Source Code - Reason Code Displays source tables, source code setup tables, and reason codes tables.
    Check Number Series Select to provide an overview of the use of number series so that you can identify number series that are problematic for the data export for the Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen (GDPdU). The report shows number series with one of the following issues:

    - The number series allows manual document numbers.
    - The number series isn't chronological.
    - The number series is used in more than one table or field.
  3. Choose the Print button to print the report, or choose the Preview button to view it on the screen.

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