Partager via EapHostConfig Element

The EapHostConfig element is a string which MUST be formatted according to the XML schema in section 6.6. EapHostConfig contains the following elements:

EapMethod: An element of type EapMethodType (section as defined in section

Exactly one of the following elements:

Config: An element of type BaseEapMethodConfig (section, as defined in section, which contains implementation-specific EAP configuration packaged as an XML string.<26>

ConfigBlob: The hexadecimal representation of a BLOB containing implementation-specific EAP configuration.<27>

Microsoft EAP method implementations can be accompanied by either XML or BLOB-formatted configuration, as shown in the following table.<28>


Config Format

ConfigBlob Format

13 (EAP-TLS)

BaseEap (section with EapTlsConnectionProperties (section



BaseEap with MsPeapConnectionProperties (section


26 (EAP-MSChapV2)

BaseEap with MsChapV2ConnectionPropertiesV1 (section



EapTtlsConnectionPropertiesV1 (section

18 (EAP-SIM)

EapSimConnectionPropertiesV1 (section

23 (EAP-AKA)

EapAkaConnectionPropertiesV1 (section

50 (EAP-AKA')

EapAkaPrimeConnectionPropertiesV1 (section


EapTeapConnectionPropertiesV1 (section

For other implementations of the EAP methods denoted by these EAPType values or for implementations of other EAP methods, please contact the corresponding vendors for the required contents of Config or ConfigBlob.