Share/export a desktop flow

To replicate a desktop flow regardless of your account, edit it through the flow designer, and copy the actions within a subflow.

The copied text can be sent directly to others users or saved to a text file for easier sharing. The receiver can paste the text to a flow designer and run it.


When copying actions, all their parameters, images, and UI elements are copied as well. Only one subflow can be copied at a time. If there are more than one subflows, repeat the procedure for each one individually or save the actions into separate text files.

If you've signed in with an organization premium account, you can also choose one of the following methods:

  1. Share the desktop flow directly through the Power Automate portal.

    To share a desktop flow with other users in your organization, give them specific permissions to access the flow. You can find more information regarding sharing flows through Power Automate portal in Share desktop flows.


Desktop flows connection cannot be shared with other users.

  1. Export a solution that contains the desktop flow.

    To move a desktop flow from one environment to another, host it in a solution. For more information about importing flows into solutions and building solution-aware flows, see Overview of solution-aware flows.