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Build Troubleshooting


Visual Studio App Center is scheduled for retirement on March 31, 2025. While you can continue to use Visual Studio App Center until it is fully retired, there are several recommended alternatives that you may consider migrating to.

Learn more about support timelines and alternatives.

The guides in this section provide general troubleshooting tips for App Center Build.

General Tips

If you're unsure how to diagnose your issue, here are some general tips:

Framework-specific resources

Issues that occur in local builds, or using specific framework features, usually require framework-specific troubleshooting. Helpful resources are listed below:

Build Guides Build Troubleshooting External Framework Docs
Android (Native) see General Guides Android Docs
iOS (Native) iOS Guide Apple Developer Docs
macOS see General Guides Apple Developer Docs
React Native React Native Guide React Native Docs
UWP see General Guides UWP Docs
Xamarin Xamarin Guide Xamarin Docs

Contacting App Center Support

Open the help menu in the upper-right corner of the App Center portal: > ? > Contact support. Use the message field to explain your issue or question. Support is provided in English only and during business hours.