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Data From Your Users


Visual Studio App Center is scheduled for retirement on March 31, 2025. While you can continue to use Visual Studio App Center until it is fully retired, there are several recommended alternatives that you may consider migrating to.

Learn more about support timelines and alternatives.

This section and all its sub-documents will provide information and API pointers to help you, as an app developer using App Center, accommodate your customers as data subjects.

The first step will be to determine whether you collect personal information about your users. For that purpose, check the section 'does it apply to me'. That section will detail the places where you might have sent such data to your app in App Center. You're invited to verify your code and processes to check whether this is the case or not.

Then if the answer to the above is yes, then you should check the documentation for the services your are using. For each service, you'll find information as to how to:

  • Find the installation ID of a device for which you believe you have collected personal information in App Center, if you don't have it already
  • Implement an opt-in/opt-out mechanism to allow you to take into account consent
  • Export a specific device's data ("forget me")
  • Delete data