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ServiceBusFailureReason Enum


The set of well-known reasons for an Service Bus operation failure that was the cause of an exception.

public enum ServiceBusFailureReason
type ServiceBusFailureReason = 
Public Enum ServiceBusFailureReason


GeneralError 0

The exception was the result of a general error within the client library.

MessageLockLost 2

The lock on the message is lost. Callers should call attempt to receive and process the message again.

MessageNotFound 3

The requested message was not found.

MessageSizeExceeded 4

A message is larger than the maximum size allowed for its transport.

MessagingEntityAlreadyExists 12

An entity with the same name exists under the same namespace.

MessagingEntityDisabled 5

The Messaging Entity is disabled. Enable the entity again using Portal.

MessagingEntityNotFound 1

A Service Bus resource cannot be found by the Service Bus service.

QuotaExceeded 6

The quota applied to an Service Bus resource has been exceeded while interacting with the Azure Service Bus service.

ServiceBusy 7

The Azure Service Bus service reports that it is busy in response to a client request to perform an operation.

ServiceCommunicationProblem 9

There was a general communications error encountered when interacting with the Azure Service Bus service.

ServiceTimeout 8

An operation or other request timed out while interacting with the Azure Service Bus service.

SessionCannotBeLocked 10

The requested session cannot be locked.

SessionLockLost 11

The lock on the session has expired. Callers should request the session again.

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