Thirty Day New User Retention report


The Thirty Day New User Retention report tracks the percentage of new user cohorts who return to the game on subsequent days.

A Cohort of players is defined by grouping newly registered players on a given day (Day 0) and their retention is tracked over a 30-day period.

Cohort size is determined by the number of players within it.

The example report shown below, was generated on 2/5/2018. On 1/6/2018, 39,132 new players created accounts in the example title.

Thirty-day New User Retention Report Table

Since Day 0 is an initiation date for a new Cohort, this column always has 100% retention rate.

Then 33.84% of those players logged in again the next day, 24.64% in two days later, and so on. 10.84% of the Cohort returned on the 30th day, which corresponds to 2/5/2018.

For additional details, see Metrics and Terminology.

Populating the report

To populate this report, you must register a player and then have them log in for several days in a row at least once.

This, however, will produce trivial results, (with 100% retention for each day).

Throwing more players into the process and skipping some days will produce more interesting results.

The following API calls may be used to log in:

To register a player you may use the following API calls:

You may also you use the following API calls to register and log in simultaneously if the CreateAccount flag is set: