Defining Default Member Sets for Objects

The PSStandardMembers member set is used by Windows PowerShell to define the default property sets for an object. The default property sets can be used by commands such as the formatting cmdlets to display only those properties that are defined by the property set. The default property sets include DefaultDisplayProperty, DefaultDisplayPropertySet, and DefaultKeyPropertySet. Windows PowerShell ignores all other member sets and any other property sets added to the PSStandardMembers member set.

Member Set for System.Diagnostics.Process

In the following example, the PSStandardMembers member set defines the DefaultDisplayPropertySet property set for System.Diagnostics.Process objects. This property set is used by the Format-List cmdlet.


The following output shows the default properties returned by the Format-List cmdlet. Only the Id, Handles, CPU, and Name properties are returned for each process object.

Get-Process | format-list
Id      : 2036
Handles : 27
CPU     :
Name    : AEADISRV

Id      : 272
Handles : 38
CPU     :
Name    : agrsmsvc

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