Walkie Talkie usage and performance report

The Walkie Talkie usage and performance report in the Microsoft Teams admin center gives you an overview of Walkie Talkie activity in your organization. The report provides information such as the number of push-to-talk (PTT) transmissions made and received, channel activity, transmission duration, and device and participant details.

Use this report to gain insight into Walkie Talkie usage trends and performance in your organization. To access the report, you must be a Global admin, Teams admin, Global reader, or Report reader.

Download and view the report

  1. In the left navigation of the Microsoft Teams admin center, choose Analytics & reports > Usage reports. On the View reports tab, under Report, select Walkie Talkie usage.
  2. Under Date range, select a date range of 7 days or 30 days. Then, choose Run report.
  3. Select Generate report.
  4. On the Downloads tab, under Status, choose Download to download the report in CSV format.

Interpret the report

The report gives you a breakdown of each transmission made during the date range that you selected. Here's the information that's included in the report.

Column name Description
TenantId Tenant ID.
UserId User ID.
DeviceId Device ID.
ChannelId The Walkie Talkie channel in which communication happens.
ConversationId ID of each PTT transmission.
TeamId ID of the team that corresponds to the Walkie Talkie channel in which the user connects to.
UnreachableParticipantsCount Number of participants flagged as unreachable and hidden from the roster because they weren't able to receive any of the last five transmissions.
TransmissionDuration Duration of time (in milliseconds) between when the service receives the notification that one participant is about to start a transmission to when the service delivers the last package of that transmission.
TotalParticipantsCount Total number of participants connected to the Walkie Talkie channel.
PacketCount Number of packets used to send the audio transmission.
NotifiedParticipants The participants to which a push notification is sent when a transmission starts. In scenarios where the connection between the device and service is lost, a notification is sent to the device to re-establish the connection as soon as possible because a transmission is coming.
AudioDurationMilliseconds Duration of the transmission in milliseconds.
ConnectionId ID of each connection to a Walkie Talkie channel that's established by the device.
TransmissionStartTime Date and time when the first audio packet is received by the service.
TransmissionEndTime Date and time when the last audio packet is received by the service.
ParticipantList A semi-colon delimited list of IDs of the devices connected to the channel at the time the transmission is sent.
CallTimedOut Whether the transmission exceeded the duration limit. This is a Boolean value.
Platform Device operating system.
ParticipantType Whether the participant was the transmitter or a receiver of the transmission.
WebSocketState Whether the status of the connection between the device and the service was already established when the transmission started.
AppVersion Version of the Teams app installed on the device.
ClientCallStatus Indicates if the device was able to receive the transmission without any issue.