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Jalur pembelajaran ini memperkenalkan proses desain untuk merancang dan memberikan laporan Power BI yang menarik. Ini dimulai dengan menggambarkan proses desain yang terbukti dibuat oleh pakar desain laporan terkemuka. Proses ini mencakup fase untuk memahami pengguna laporan dan persyaratan mereka, mengeksplorasi desain laporan yang menyenangkan, dan mengembangkan laporan hingga ke produksi.


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Modul dalam jalur pembelajaran ini

Gathering appropriate inputs to scope your report design requirements involves identifying your audience, determining the suitable report types, and defining their interface and experience requirements. This module provides you with a strong foundation on which to learn how to plan your report design requirements.

Designing an analytical report involves understanding the requirements and its audience. However, designing a compelling analytical report requires understanding the automatic and unconscious processes that occur when report consumers comprehend what they see. When you have the knowledge of how to structure and apply report design principles, you can raise the level of your report designs to produce relevant, intuitive, and visually pleasing experiences for your report consumers.

Because Power BI includes more than 30 core visuals, it can be challenging for a beginner to select the correct visual. This module will guide you through selecting the most appropriate visual type to meet your design and report layout requirements.

Report filtering is a complex topic because many techniques are available for filtering a Microsoft Power BI report. However, with complexity comes control, allowing you to design reports that meet requirements and expectations. Some filtering techniques apply at design time, while others are relevant at report consumption time (in reading view). What matters is that your report design allows report consumers to intuitively narrow down to the data points that interest them.

The features and capabilities that are covered in this module will help you enhance your reports to make them more refined.

Designing the UI is about how reports are consumed, including the appearance and behavior of them, and it is the final report development stage. You've already decided on data and visual selection, so now you can apply format and style to produce a visually appealing, widely used report.