RSA.FromXmlString(String) Method


Initializes an RSA object from the key information from an XML string.

 override void FromXmlString(System::String ^ xmlString);
public override void FromXmlString (string xmlString);
override this.FromXmlString : string -> unit
Public Overrides Sub FromXmlString (xmlString As String)



The XML string containing RSA key information.


The xmlString parameter is null.

The format of the xmlString parameter is not valid.

.NET Core and .NET 5+ only: In all cases.


The FromXmlString initializes an RSA object using key information in an XML string that was generated using the ToXmlString method. The FromXmlString method accepts either an XML string containing a public key or an XML string containing a public and private key.

Use the FromXmlString method to conveniently initialize RSA key information.


Persisting an XML string containing a private key to an insecure location is a security threat. The security of your application can be compromised if a malicious third party can access your private key. To safely persist a private key, use a secure key container. For more information about persisting private keys in a key container, see How to: Store Asymmetric Keys in a Key Container.

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