CancellationToken.CanBeCanceled Property


Gets whether this token is capable of being in the canceled state.

 property bool CanBeCanceled { bool get(); };
public bool CanBeCanceled { get; }
member this.CanBeCanceled : bool
Public ReadOnly Property CanBeCanceled As Boolean

Property Value

true if this token is capable of being in the canceled state; otherwise, false.


If CanBeCanceled returns false, it is guaranteed that the token will never transition into a canceled state, meaning that IsCancellationRequested will never return true. A cancellation token that cannot be canceled is returned by the static CancellationToken.None property.

You can optionally use this property to determine whether a cancellation token can be canceled before examining the value of the IsCancellationRequested property to determine whether it has been canceled.

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