Power Automate for desktop - Build 2312

This article describes the new features, improvements and fixes to existing functionality that are included in this build.

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Installer version - Microsoft Store version 11.2312.164.0 updates

New Features

  • The Run URL now supports input variables of Text, Numeric and Boolean data types, so that you don’t have to manually provide their values through the console input form, when running a flow with inputs.

  • Power Fx has now been introduced to Power Automate for desktop in preview, so that makers will be able to utilize actual Power Fx expressions in desktop flows. This functionality will be enabled soon, through a new option in the popup window that opens after selecting to create a new desktop flow.

  • A toast notification will now be available in the console, informing you about ‘Automation in a Day’ events.

Enhancements & Improvements

  • The console will now support dynamic messages from this version on, so that users may be informed in-product about potential urgent issues.

  • Copilot has been further enhanced with various improvements and fixes regarding both generative answers and scripting actions.

  • Copilot has now been introduced to the ‘Execute SQL statement’ action, so that it can generate the respective SQL query based on the description provided.

  • The actions under the ‘Data extraction’ folder of the UI automation group of actions now come with the toggle parameter ‘Bring to front’; if this is disabled, the window of the target UI element should not be focused and brought to the foreground.

  • Remediation steps around certificate check failures have now been added to the HTTP actions ‘Download from web’, ‘Invoke SOAP web service’ and ‘Invoke web service’.

  • Remediation steps are now available in the action ‘Run .NET script’, in case of an error due to the assembly (.dll) dependencies not being provided.

  • The ‘Add work queue item’ action now has a new ‘Status’ parameter, offering the options ‘Queued’ (default) and ‘On hold’.

  • During recording, after right clicking on a text field and selecting the option ‘Populate text field’, the menu that appears is now cancelled when the user interacts with anything else on the screen.

  • The values of variable properties can now be copied from the variable viewer, when inspecting object data types with multiple properties.

  • The warnings about input parameter options that are going to be deprecated now appear in the action modals, only when these options are actually selected and saved in the corresponding input parameters.

  • Flows containing connector operations that are not available in the current version (because they were created with a newer version) will now handle the respective errors more gracefully.

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues in Power Automate for desktop that are now resolved:

  • The variable picker in the actions ‘If process’ and ‘If service’ no longer needs two clicks to open the variable menu.

  • Clicking on the X button in the search field of the actions pane now immediately clears the text instead of highlighting it first.

  • The search terms used in the text field of the UI elements pane now persist and keep filtering the elements, even after changing pane views and returning back to the UI elements.

  • An issue with the dynamic components of the action summary, occurring when the action is being dragged, has now been resolved.

  • The recorder button is now enabled as expected, after closing the maximized screenshot of a UI element.

  • Failing to create a new connection for a connector operation no longer makes the UI nonresponsive.

  • An unhandled error that sometimes occurred, when stopping a parent flow while the invoked child flow was still running, has now been resolved.

  • A flow freezing issue, occurring when extracting data from large tables on the web, has now been resolved.

  • An issue in versions 2.36, 2.37 and 2.38, which blocked saving desktop flows containing certain connector actions with duplicate dynamic output schema, has now been resolved.

  • An issue occurring on cloud and console runs, when the invoked desktop flow contained disabled operations with dynamic schema, is now resolved.

  • In the action ‘Click UI element in window’, adding a UI element from an RDP window now properly updates the selected element in the ‘UI element’ action parameter dropdown.

  • An issue with the red highlighter moving when a UI element is being captured on a browser is now resolved.

  • The highlighter now respects the padding when capturing iframe UI elements.

  • The screen reader now normally announces the check box state of the elements in the tree of the UI element inspecting tool.

Other announcements

  • The ‘Office 365 Outlook’ and ‘OneNote (Business)’ connectors have now become generally available for all premium users.

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