Exercise – Text actions


In this exercise, you will develop a process that prompts the user for their first and last name. The process will then generate a username by using the first letter of the user’s first name, appended to their last name in lowercase. Then, the system will randomly generate a temporary password and display the output to the user.


For this exercise, you'll create a process that will:

  • Prompt a user to enter their first and last name.
  • Split the two names into separate strings of text.
  • Shift the two strings to lowercase.
  • Get the first letter of the first name.
  • Generate a password randomly.
  • Display a message with the username and password.


Select the Display Input Dialog action, and then follow these steps:

  1. Set the Title property to Name Input and the Input Dialog Message property to Please enter your first and last name (for example, Norbert Varga). This action will display a message that prompts the user for input.

    Screenshot of the display input dialog action dialog.

  2. Use the Split Text action to split the first and last name into two separate strings of text. In the Text to Split field, enter %UserInput%.

    Screenshot of the split text action dialog.

  3. Select the Change Text Case action.

  4. In the Text to Convert field, enter %TextList[0]%.

  5. With the index of a list type variable, provide the first item of the list, which will be the first name. Set the Convert to property to lowercase.

    Screenshot of the change text case action dialog.

  6. Add another Change Text Case action. This time, set the Text to Convert property to %TextList[1]%, thus referencing the last name.

  7. Set the Convert to property to lowercase again.

    The output is stored in a different variable than the previous Change Text Case action.

    Screenshot of the change text case action dialog with action output highlighted.

  8. Select the Get Subtext action to get the first character of the first name.

  9. In the Original Text field, enter %TextWithNewCase% (the variable where the first name in lowercase is stored).

  10. In the Start Index section, set Character Position to 0.

  11. In the Length section, set Number of Chars to 1. This setting will get the first character of the text string.

    Screenshot of the get subtext action dialog.

  12. To generate a random password, use the Create Random Text action. The action’s properties can be left at their default values.

    Screenshot of the create random text action dialog.

  13. Select the Display Message action, which will display a message box with the new username and password. In the Message Box Title field, enter Username & Password, and in the Message to Display field, enter the following content:

    Hello, %UserInput%, your username is: %SubText%%TextWithNewCase2% Your temporary password is: %RandomText%

The username (first letter of first name, combined with last name) will be displayed and the result of the Generate Random Text action will show as the user’s password.

Screenshot of the display message action dialog.

The completed process should look like the following figure.

Screenshot of the completed process workspace.