View available earned, claimed, and remaining co-op funds

Appropriate roles: Incentives admin | Incentives user

You can track, monitor, and reconcile your incentive co-op funds in the Partner Center (sign-in required).

View your co-op funds

To view your incentive co-op funds:

  1. Sign in to Partner Center and select Incentives.

  2. Select Co-op management on the side of the page, and then select the appropriate incentive program from the expanded program list.

    The Co-op overview page appears, and shows the Co-op earned, Co-op claimed, and Remaining co-op for your selected usage period.

    The expiration date for the selected period appears below the Remaining co-op chart.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to view all claims submitted for the selected period, and program resources if applicable.

Download transaction history

If you think that there are discrepancies in the amounts displayed in the summary, you can download the transaction history from the previous period. This report helps you to determine the amount of co-op funds earned for the selected usage period.

To download transaction histories, or to validate claims submitted to ensure the remaining co-op amount is accurate, see Transaction history.

View estimated earnings during the current period

Co-op earnings for the current earning period aren't visible in the Co-op Management view until after the start of the claiming period for the current earning period. However, you can view your estimated co-op earnings for the current earning period.

To view your estimated co-op earnings for the current earning period:

  1. On your Transaction history page, select the dates for the current earning period.

  2. Under the Earning type filter, select Co-op.

    Your estimated co-op earnings are displayed.

  3. Select Download to download this data if desired.

View co-op thresholds

If your co-op earnings are below the threshold in a co-op earning period, they don't qualify for use. Instead, you receive your co-op earnings as a rebate at the end of the semester.

To view the co-op thresholds for incentive programs, see Co-op threshold.

Getting help

If you're still having trouble reconciling amounts, or if some co-op funds aren't visible, you can create a support request.

To create a support request:

  • Select the question mark icon from the upper right corner of the page, and then select Incentives.

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