Security & Compliance PowerShell

Security & Compliance PowerShell is the administrative interface that enables you to manage compliance and some security features of your Microsoft 365 organization from the command line (mostly Microsoft Purview risk and compliance features that were formerly part of Microsoft 365 compliance). For example, you can use Security & Compliance PowerShell to perform Compliance Searches. The following articles provide information about using Security & Compliance PowerShell:

Security & Compliance PowerShell contains the following types of cmdlets:

  • Cmdlets that correspond to features available only in Purview compliance and the Microsoft Purview compliance portal. Most cmdlets in Security & Compliance PowerShell fall into this category.

  • Basic cmdlets that are also available in Exchange Online PowerShell (for example, Get-User, and Get-RoleGroup).

  • A few cmdlets that correspond to security features available in Exchange Online Protection (EOP) and Microsoft Defender for Office 365 in the Microsoft Defender portal (for example, Set-SecOpsOverridePolicy).

    Cmdlets for most EOP and Defender for Office 365 security features (for example, anti-spam policies) are available only in Exchange Online PowerShell.

Check the Applies to value in the cmdlet references article to verify the PowerShell environment where the cmdlet actually resides.