Use Microsoft 365 Groups permissions with SharePoint content in Viva Learning

Document library folder URLs can be collected from any SharePoint site in the organization. Viva Learning follows all existing content permissions. Therefore, only content for which a user has permission to access is searchable and visible within Viva Learning. Any content within these folders will be searchable, but only content to which the individual employee has permissions can be used.


The admin tab is only available for admins with a Viva Suite or Viva Learning license.


Only the Microsoft 365 and Mail enabled security group (MESG) group type is supported. Viva Learning doesn't support user-based permissions. Viva Learning won't ingest files that don't have associated Microsoft 365 Groups or MESG permissions.

  1. Create a group by following the steps in Create a group in the Microsoft 365 admin center or Create mail-enabled security groups.


You need to be a site owner or site contributor to add permissions.


You'll need to add the owners as members in order for them to have access.

  1. Go to the folder where you're storing learning content in SharePoint.

  2. Select the vertical ellipses (...) on the item you want to control access to. If you want to control access to specific items in a folder, go to that folder.

  3. Select Manage access and then Grant access.

    Screenshot of a folder selected in the learning content repository with the cursor hovering over Manage access.

    Screenshot of the Manage access options.

  4. Start typing the email address of the group you want to give access to, then select the group.

    Screenshot of a group being selected in the Direct access pane.

  5. By default, users in the group are given Edit permissions. Select the pencil icon to choose between Edit and View permissions. The pencil icon will have a slash through it if the group has only view permissions. Users need a minimum of Can View permission.

    Screenshot of the pencil icon showing options for Can edit and Can view.

  6. Select Grant access to give your group access to the learning content.

  7. Check whether the group you added is present on the folder and has "Domain Group" as its Type by selecting Manage access, then More Options and then Advanced Settings.

Screenshot of the manage access SharePoint advanced settings.

Image of the SharePoint permissions page that displays "domain group" as the property in the "type" column.


It will take approximately 24 hours for these changes to show up in the Viva Learning app.

  1. If the group is not present:
  • A M365 group or MESG group can't be added directly to the file or folder in case the group is found on the folder or file nested in SharePoint groups.
  • To see if group is already present, click on the folder, go to Manage access, select More options, then Advanced settings> and finally Check permissions
  • Start typing the group name
  • If it is already present, remove it and add directly or add a different group

Screenshot of the course catalog check permissions window with the option to check the name of the group

Screenshot of the course catalog check permission window with the user and group displayed below.

Remove unintentionally surfaced content

  1. To restrict access to the document library, select the Show actions option, and then select Manage access.

    Document library page in SharePoint showing Show actions option with Manage access highlighted.

  2. Delete the original document within the document library.

For more information, see Sharing and permissions in the SharePoint modern experience.