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info command (winget)

The info command of the winget tool displays metadata about the system, including version numbers, system architecture, log location, links to legal agreements, and Group Policy state.

When submitting an issue to the winget repository on GitHub, this information is helpful for troubleshooting. It may also explain why the winget client behaves differently than expected in the case of Group Policy configuration.


winget --info

Screenshot of winget info command results

Result fields include:

  • Windows Package Manager version number installed
  • System architecture type
  • MSIX package version number (winget is delivered as a part of the "App Installer" package)
  • Log file location
  • Links to privacy statement, license agreement, third party notices, homepage, and store terms
  • Group policy and state - this will only appear if a policy has been manually configured. (Learn more about how to configure Group Policies for Windows Package Manager).