Support inventory pick and warehouse pick operations for jobs


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Users, automatically Mar 1, 2022 Apr 1, 2022

Business value

Businesses can switch on warehouse activities for jobs to help drive an effective flow through the warehouse and to organize and maintain inventory.

Feature details

The warehouse activity of picking items before they are consumed is done in different ways, depending on how warehouse management features are configured. The complexity can rank from no warehouse features, through basic warehouse configurations for order-by-order handling in one or more activities, to advanced configurations where all warehouse activities are performed in bulk.

Start by switching on the Feature Update: Enable inventory and warehouse pick from Jobs capability on the Feature Management page.

After you switch on the capability, the Create Inventory Pick and Create Warehouse Pick actions are available on the Job Card. To create or register a pick document, use the Put-away/Pick Lines/Movement Lines or Registered Pick Lines actions.

You can use the actions under the following conditions:

  • The Status of the job is Open.
  • The Line Type of the job planning line is Budget or Both Budget and Billable.
  • The Type of the job planning line is Item.
  • Require Pick is selected for the related location.
  • Directed Pick and Put-away is not selected.


Although the setting is called Require Pick, you can still post consumption directly from the job journal line at the location. If your location is set up to require pick processing but not shipment processing, you use the Inventory Pick page to organize and print the picking information. You also use the page to enter and post the result of the pick, which in turn posts the consumption of the items.

If your location is set up to require both pick and shipment processing, meaning that you have chosen both the Require Pick and Require Shipment fields on the Location Card page, use the Warehouse Pick page to handle the pick. Warehouse picks are similar to inventory picks. The difference is that rather than posting the picking information, you register the pick. This registration doesn't post consumption, it just makes the items available for posting. As a warehouse manager, you can use a pick worksheet to organize pick information before creating the individual warehouse pick instructions.

Functionality that will be added in upcoming releases

  • Support for items that require item tracking. Currently those items can't be handled with inventory or warehouse picks and should be processed by using a job journal (expected in 2023 release wave 1).
  • Introduce a To-Job Bin Code field on the Location Card page to support warehouse pick scenarios (available in update 20.2).

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