API query type

Queries of the type API are used to generate web service endpoints and this type of query can't be used to display data in the user interface. A query of the API type can be used to join data from different data sources. The data can only be viewed. When creating this query type, you must specify a number of properties that provide information for the web service endpoint. Use the snippet tquery - Query of type API to get the right template and the list of these properties automatically filled in.


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Extending API pages and queries isn't currently possible in Business Central.

Example of the API query type

The following query example publishes an API available at: ../contoso/app1/v1.0/companies({id})/customerSales. The APIVersion can be specified as one version, or a list of versions, if the API is supported through multiple versions.

query 20000 "APIV1 - Customer Sales"
    QueryType = API;
    APIPublisher = 'contoso';
    APIGroup = 'app1';
    APIVersion = 'v1.0';
    Caption = 'customerSales', Locked = true;
    EntityName = 'customerSale';
    EntitySetName = 'customerSales';

        dataitem(QueryElement1; Customer)
            column(customerId; Id)
                Caption = 'Id', Locked = true;
            column(customerNumber; "No.")
                Caption = 'No', Locked = true;
            column(name; Name)
                Caption = 'Name', Locked = true;
            dataitem(QueryElement10; "Cust. Ledger Entry")
                DataItemLink = "Customer No." = QueryElement1."No.";
                SqlJoinType = LeftOuterJoin;
                DataItemTableFilter = "Document Type" = FILTER (Invoice | "Credit Memo");
                column(totalSalesAmount; "Sales (LCY)")
                    Caption = 'TotalSalesAmount', Locked = true;
                    Method = Sum;
                filter(dateFilter; "Posting Date")
                    Caption = 'DateFilter', Locked = true;

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