Intune devices and apps API overview

Microsoft Intune helps enterprises manage devices and apps within an organization. You can use the Intune API in Microsoft Graph to manage devices, apps, and even configure Intune while using your preferred tools.

If you're an ISV, you can also use the Intune API to manage client tenants.

Why integrate with Intune?

You can use the Intune API in Microsoft Graph to access Intune device and application information, manage devices, manage apps, and automate Intune.

Manage devices

You can use the Intune API to:

  • Define and enforce device compliance policies, such as password complexity and duration, encryption, threat protection levels, and so on. (Supported policies vary according to operating system and version).
  • Protect company data, regardless of whether the device platform is Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS.
  • Create and deploy device configuration policies, including operating system platform/versioning, domain membership, and configuration setting management.
  • Create and deploy device access control policies, including restricted download, network accessory access, and file transfer.
  • Perform remote actions, such as locate device, change password, and wipe device.

Manage apps

You can use the Intune API to perform the following app management tasks:

  • Deploy apps to devices or prevent apps from being deployed.
  • Manage access to ebooks and related services.
  • Define and deploy app configuration settings, app protection settings, and app usage policies.

Automate Intune

Automate Intune by using the Intune API to:

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