sp_dbmmonitorupdate (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Updates the database mirroring monitor status table by inserting a new table row for each mirrored database, and truncates rows older than the current retention period. The default retention period is 7 days (168 hours). When updating the table, sp_dbmmonitorupdate evaluates the performance metrics.


The first time sp_dbmmonitorupdate runs, it creates the database mirroring status table and the dbm_monitor fixed database role in the msdb database.

Transact-SQL syntax conventions


sp_dbmmonitorupdate [ database_name ]  


The name of the database for which to update mirroring status. If database_name is not specified, the procedure updates the status table for every mirrored database on the server instance.

Return Code Values


Result Sets



sp_dbmmonitorupdate can be executed only in the context of the msdb database.

If a column of the status table does not apply to the role of a partner, the value is NULL on that partner. A column would also have a NULL value if the relevant information is unavailable, such as during a failover or server restart.

After sp_dbmmonitorupdate creates the dbm_monitor fixed database role in the msdb database, members of the sysadmin fixed server role can add any user to the dbm_monitor fixed database role. The dbm_monitor role enables its members to view database mirroring status, but not update it but not view or configure database mirroring events.

When updating the mirroring status of a database, sp_dbmmonitorupdate inspects the latest value of any mirroring performance metric for which a warning threshold has been specified. If the value exceeds the threshold, the procedure adds an informational event to the event log. All rates are averages since the last update. For more information, see Use Warning Thresholds and Alerts on Mirroring Performance Metrics (SQL Server).


Requires membership in the sysadmin fixed server role.


The following example updates the mirroring status for just the AdventureWorks2022 database.

USE msdb;  
EXEC sp_dbmmonitorupdate AdventureWorks2022 ;  

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