MutexAcl Class


Provides a Windows-specific extension method for creating Mutex objects with specific access control list (ACL) security.

public ref class MutexAcl abstract sealed
public static class MutexAcl
type MutexAcl = class
Public Class MutexAcl


Create(Boolean, String, Boolean, MutexSecurity)

Gets or creates Mutex instance, allowing a MutexSecurity to be optionally specified to set it during the mutex creation.

OpenExisting(String, MutexRights)

Opens a specified named mutex, if it already exists, and applies the desired access rights.

TryOpenExisting(String, MutexRights, Mutex)

Tries to open a specified named mutex, if it already exists, applies the desired access rights, and returns a value that indicates whether the operation succeeded.

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