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annotation EntityType

Note that is attached to one or more objects, including other notes.

Entity Set Path
[organization URI]/api/data/v9.2/annotations
Base Type
Display Name
Primary Key
Primary Key Attribute
Operations Supported


Properties represent fields of data stored in the entity.Some properties are read-only.

Name Type Details
annotationid Edm.Guid

Unique identifier of the note.

Display Name: Note

createdon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when the note was created.

Display Name: Created On

Read Only
documentbody Edm.String

Contents of the note's attachment.

Display Name: Document

documentbody_binary Edm.Binary

Contents of the note's attachment.

filename Edm.String

File name of the note.

Display Name: File Name

filesize Edm.Int32

File size of the note.

Display Name: File Size (Bytes)

Read Only
importsequencenumber Edm.Int32

Unique identifier of the data import or data migration that created this record.

Display Name: Import Sequence Number

isdocument Edm.Boolean

Specifies whether the note is an attachment.

Display Name: Is Document

Default Options
Values Label
1 Yes
0 No
langid Edm.String

Language identifier for the note.

Display Name: Language ID

mimetype Edm.String

MIME type of the note's attachment.

Display Name: Mime Type

modifiedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time when the note was last modified.

Display Name: Modified On

Read Only
notetext Edm.String

Text of the note.

Display Name: Description

objecttypecode Edm.String

Type of entity with which the note is associated.

Display Name: Object Type

overriddencreatedon Edm.DateTimeOffset

Date and time that the record was migrated.

Display Name: Record Created On

prefix Edm.String

Prefix of the file pointer in blob storage.

Display Name: Prefix

Read Only
stepid Edm.String

workflow step id associated with the note.

Display Name: Step Id

subject Edm.String

Subject associated with the note.

Display Name: Title

versionnumber Edm.Int64

Version number of the note.

Display Name: Version Number

Read Only

Lookup Properties

Lookup properties are read-only, computed properties which contain entity primary key Edm.Guid data for one or more corresponding single-valued navigation properties. More information: Lookup properties and Lookup property data.

Name Single-valued navigation property Description
_createdby_value createdby

Unique identifier of the user who created the note.

_createdonbehalfby_value createdonbehalfby

Unique identifier of the delegate user who created the annotation.

_modifiedby_value modifiedby

Unique identifier of the user who last modified the note.

_modifiedonbehalfby_value modifiedonbehalfby

Unique identifier of the delegate user who last modified the annotation.

_objectid_value objectid_account

Unique identifier of the object with which the note is associated.

_ownerid_value ownerid

Unique identifier of the user or team who owns the note.

_owningbusinessunit_value owningbusinessunit

Unique identifier of the business unit that owns the note.

_owningteam_value owningteam

Unique identifier of the team who owns the note.

_owninguser_value owninguser

Unique identifier of the user who owns the note.

Single-valued navigation properties

Single-valued navigation properties represent lookup fields where a single entity can be referenced. Each single-valued navigation property has a corresponding partner collection-valued navigation property on the related entity.

Name Type Partner
createdby systemuser lk_annotationbase_createdby
createdonbehalfby systemuser lk_annotationbase_createdonbehalfby
modifiedby systemuser lk_annotationbase_modifiedby
modifiedonbehalfby systemuser lk_annotationbase_modifiedonbehalfby
objectid_account account Account_Annotation
objectid_adx_invitation adx_invitation adx_invitation_Annotations
objectid_adx_inviteredemption adx_inviteredemption adx_inviteredemption_Annotations
objectid_adx_portalcomment adx_portalcomment adx_portalcomment_Annotations
objectid_appointment appointment Appointment_Annotation
objectid_calendar calendar Calendar_Annotation
objectid_chat chat chat_Annotations
objectid_contact contact Contact_Annotation
objectid_duplicaterule duplicaterule DuplicateRule_Annotation
objectid_email email Email_Annotation
objectid_emailserverprofile emailserverprofile EmailServerProfile_Annotation
objectid_fax fax Fax_Annotation
objectid_goal goal Goal_Annotation
objectid_kbarticle kbarticle KbArticle_Annotation
objectid_knowledgearticle knowledgearticle knowledgearticle_Annotations
objectid_knowledgebaserecord knowledgebaserecord KnowledgeBaseRecord_Annotations
objectid_letter letter Letter_Annotation
objectid_mailbox mailbox Mailbox_Annotation
objectid_msdyn_aifptrainingdocument msdyn_aifptrainingdocument msdyn_aifptrainingdocument_Annotations
objectid_msdyn_aimodel msdyn_aimodel msdyn_aimodel_Annotations
objectid_msdyn_aiodimage msdyn_aiodimage msdyn_aiodimage_Annotations
objectid_mspcat_catalogsubmissionfiles mspcat_catalogsubmissionfiles mspcat_catalogsubmissionfiles_Annotations
objectid_phonecall phonecall PhoneCall_Annotation
objectid_recurringappointmentmaster recurringappointmentmaster RecurringAppointmentMaster_Annotation
objectid_sla sla sla_Annotation
objectid_socialactivity socialactivity SocialActivity_Annotation
objectid_task task Task_Annotation
objectid_workflow workflow Workflow_Annotation
ownerid principal owner_annotations
owningbusinessunit businessunit business_unit_annotations
owningteam team team_annotations
owninguser systemuser annotation_owning_user

Collection-valued navigation properties

Collection-valued navigation properties represent collections of entities which may represent either a one-to-many (1:N) or many-to-many (N:N) relationship between the entities.

Name Type Partner
Annotation_AsyncOperations asyncoperation regardingobjectid_annotation
Annotation_BulkDeleteFailures bulkdeletefailure regardingobjectid_annotation
Annotation_ProcessSessions processsession regardingobjectid_annotation
Annotation_SyncErrors syncerror regardingobjectid_annotation_syncerror


The following operations can be used with the annotation entity type.

Name Binding
GrantAccess Not Bound
ModifyAccess Not Bound
RetrievePrincipalAccess Not Bound
RetrieveSharedPrincipalsAndAccess Not Bound
RevokeAccess Not Bound
Rollup Not Bound

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