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ValidateRetentionConfig Action

Validates the retention configuration during the policy setup. Checks the structure of the FetchXML and executes any custom validations provided for the table.


Parameters allow for data to be passed to the action.

Name Type Nullable Unicode Description
crmbaseentity True True

The target to validation the retention configuration.

Edm.String True False

The logical name of the table.

Edm.String False False

Defines the criterial to select records for detention.

Edm.Guid True True

Return Type

Type Nullable Description
ValidateRetentionConfigResponse False Contains the response of the ValidateRetentionConfig action.


Use the ValidateRetentionConfig action with these entity types:

Name Display Name Description
account Account Business that represents a customer or potential customer. The company that is billed in business transactions.
adx_externalidentity External Identity
adx_invitation Invitation Send invitations to existing contacts or email addresses and assign them to web roles upon redemption.
adx_inviteredemption Invite Redemption Holds information about the redemption of an invite.
adx_portalcomment Portal Comment An activity which is used to share information between the user and the customer on the portal.
adx_setting Setting
adx_webformsession Multistep Form Session Serves as a mechanism to log the occurrence of an incomplete multistep form entry for a given user so they can return and complete it later.
appaction App Action Contains Modern Command Information
appactionmigration App Action Migration
appactionrule App Action Rule
appnotification Notification Notification to be provided to a user.
attributemaskingrule Attribute Masking Rule Defines masking rule of attribute
card Card Card
cardstateitem Card State Item
copilotexamplequestion CopilotExampleQuestion CopilotExampleQuestions Component
copilotglossaryterm CopilotGlossaryTerm CopilotGlossaryTerm Component
copilotsynonyms CopilotSynonyms CopilotSynonyms Component
flowlog Flow Log
mainfewshot MainFewShot This fewshot entity will only be updated during solution installation.
makerfewshot MakerFewShot This fewshot is updated by maker for testing the queries and by the NL2SQ with the results
maskingrule Secured Masking Rule Secured Masking Rules to apply to fields.
msdyn_aibdataset AI Builder Dataset
msdyn_aibdatasetfile AI Builder Dataset File
msdyn_aibdatasetrecord AI Builder Dataset Record
msdyn_aibdatasetscontainer AI Builder Datasets Container
msdyn_aibfeedbackloop AI Builder Feedback Loop
msdyn_aibfile AI Builder File
msdyn_aibfileattacheddata AI Builder File Attached Data
msdyn_aiconfiguration AI Configuration
msdyn_aievent AI Event
msdyn_aifptrainingdocument AI Form Processing Document
msdyn_aimodel AI Model
msdyn_aiodimage AI Object Detection Image
msdyn_aiodlabel AI Object Detection Label
msdyn_aiodtrainingboundingbox AI Object Detection Bounding Box
msdyn_aiodtrainingimage AI Object Detection Image Mapping
msdyn_aitemplate AI Template
msdyn_analysiscomponent Analysis Component
msdyn_analysisjob Analysis Job
msdyn_analysisoverride Analysis Override
msdyn_analysisresult Analysis Result
msdyn_analysisresultdetail Analysis Result Detail
msdyn_connectordatasource Virtual Connector Data Source
msdyn_customcontrolextendedsettings Custom Control Extended Setting
msdyn_datalakeds Insights Store Data Source
msdyn_entitylinkchatconfiguration Entity link chat configuration
msdyn_fileupload File Upload
msdyn_insightsstorevirtualentity Insights Store Virtual Entity Insights Store Virtual Entity
msdyn_mobileapp Mobile App Mobile App
msdyn_pmanalysishistory PM Analysis History
msdyn_pmbusinessruleautomationconfig PM Business Rule Automation Config
msdyn_pmcalendar PM Calendar
msdyn_pmcalendarversion PM Calendar Version
msdyn_pminferredtask PM Inferred Task
msdyn_pmprocessextendedmetadataversion PM Process Extended Metadata Version
msdyn_pmprocesstemplate PM Process Template
msdyn_pmprocessusersettings PM Process User Settings
msdyn_pmprocessversion PM Process Version
msdyn_pmrecording PM Recording
msdyn_pmtemplate PM Template
msdyn_pmview PM View
msdyn_richtextfile Rich Text Attachment Image or file attached to a rich text field
msdyn_solutionhealthrule Solution Health Rule
msdyn_solutionhealthruleargument Solution Health Rule Argument
msdyn_solutionhealthruleset Solution Health Rule Set Represents a set that owns a number of solution health rules.
msdyn_timelinepin Timeline Pin Timeline Pin Record
msdyn_virtualtablecolumncandidate Virtual Table Column Candidate
mspcat_catalogsubmissionfiles Catalog Submission Files Files associated with the package that will be used as part of the submission to the catalog system.
mspcat_packagestore Package Submission Store Manages submissions to the Catalog and provisioning
mspp_adplacement Ad Placement
mspp_columnpermission Column Permission
mspp_columnpermissionprofile Column Permission Profile
mspp_contentsnippet Content Snippet Content snippets are inserted in page templates so that any label, text string or image in the template can be content-managed.
mspp_entityform Basic Form Defines the form to render for a given entity type.
mspp_entityformmetadata Basic Form Metadata Defines the additional behavior modification logic to augment or override the functionality of form components that is not possible with Dynamics 365 entity and form metadata.
mspp_entitylist List
mspp_entitypermission Table Permission
mspp_pagetemplate Page Template URL of the .aspx page used to create new webpages.
mspp_pollplacement Poll Placement
mspp_powerpagescoreentityds Power Pages Core Entity DS
mspp_publishingstate Publishing State
mspp_publishingstatetransitionrule Publishing State Transition Rule
mspp_redirect Redirect
mspp_shortcut Shortcut
mspp_sitemarker Site Marker Used by web page templates to locate a specific page of content.
mspp_sitesetting Site Setting Site specific settings or variables refferenced by the web site code files.
mspp_webfile Web File Storage of files used in the web Portals.
mspp_webform Multistep Form Defines the necessary properties and relationships to the other key entities in order to control the initialization of the form within a web portal.
mspp_webformmetadata Multistep Form Metadata Defines the additional behavior modification logic to augment or override the functionality of form fields that is not possible with Dynamics 365 entity and form metadata.
mspp_webformstep Form Step Defines the flow logic of the form's user experience such as steps and conditional branching.
mspp_weblink Web Link A textual or imaged based link to an interal or external URL.
mspp_weblinkset Web Link Set A grouping of web links.
mspp_webpage Web Page Web Page
mspp_webpageaccesscontrolrule Web Page Access Control Rule
mspp_webrole Web Role Sets the user's role for the Portal.
mspp_website Website Web Portal
mspp_websiteaccess Website Access
mspp_websitelanguage Website Language Languages supported and publishing status for the portal
mspp_webtemplate Web Template
nlsqregistration NL2SQ Registration Information Org registration status, AllowedEntity list, and registration error message.
plannerbusinessscenario Planner Business Scenario For internal use only. The Business Scenario record to be created in Planner.
plannersyncaction Planner Sync Action The Planner Sync Action to be executed.
powerbidataset Power BI Dataset
powerbidatasetapdx powerbidatasetapdx PowerBI Dataset appendix entity - for unmanaged technical attributes
powerbimashupparameter Power BI Mashup Parameter
powerbireport Power BI Report
powerbireportapdx powerbireportapdx PowerBI Report appendix entity for unmanaged technical attributes
powerpagecomponent Site Component
powerpagesite Site
powerpagesitelanguage Site Language
powerpagesitepublished Power Pages Site Published
recentlyused Recently Used Most recently used data table.
recyclebinconfig Recycle Bin Configuration Holds recyclebin configuration for entities
roleeditorlayout RoleEditorLayout
searchattributesettings SearchAttributeSettings
searchcustomanalyzer SearchCustomAnalyzer
searchrelationshipsettings SearchRelationshipSettings
searchresultscache SearchResultsCache Cache search results internally
searchtelemetry Search Telemetry Entity to log telemetry that used to improve search quality
userrating User Rating


Don't use this action. This message is to be executed only by Dataverse to trigger registered plug-ins and flows. More information: Long-term data retention (preview)

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