Laboratórios Virtuais Technet

O que você acha de testar os mais recentes softwares Microsoft em um ambiente isolado e totalmente seguro? Não seria ótimo poder testar novos servidores imediatamente, sem formatar discos rígidos ou dedicar um de seus computadores ao projeto? Agora você pode, com os Virtual Labs TechNet.

Laboratórios em Destaque

Microsoft Forefront Security Virtual Lab Series

Take part in these Virtual Labs and experience how the Microsoft Forefront line of business security products provides greater protection and control through integration with your existing IT infrastructure and through simplified deployment, management, and analysis.

2007 Microsoft Office System Virtual Labs

Get hands-on with the key features and components of the 2007 Microsoft Office system and learn the benefits of deploying it within your organization. Walk through installation, configuration and the new components around enterprise features administration, collaboration, business intelligence, and experience common deployment and integration scenarios that can help you make better choices when planning your roll-out.

Windows 7 Virtual Labs

Step into these Virtual Labs and explore the new and updated features in the Windows 7 operating system, including AppLocker, BranchCache, BitLocker, and many others.

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