Device Installation Function Codes

This section describes the device installation requests that device installation applications send to class installers and co-installers. Each request is represented by a device installation function (DIF) code The DIF code constants are defined in the Setupapi.h header file.

Installers that handle these requests include class installers, class co-installers, and device co-installers. Some installers are provided by Microsoft and some are provided by OEMs and third-party vendors.

Device installation applications send DIF codes to installers by calling SetupDiCallClassInstaller, which in turn calls the installer's entry point function. The DIF code is one of the parameters to the installer's entry point function; other parameters provide additional input. For more information about these parameters, see Handling DIF Codes.

For information about how to write co-installers, see Writing a Co-installer.

This section contains the following topics:

Public DIF Codes

Private DIF Codes

Obsolete DIF Codes



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