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How to name a HelpInfo XML file


Manual authoring of XML-based help is very difficult. The PlatyPS module allows you to write help in Markdown and then convert it to XML-based help. This makes it much easier to write and maintain help. PlatyPS can also create the Updateable Help packages for you. For more information, see Create XML-based help using PlatyPS.

This topic explains the required name format for the Updatable Help Information files, commonly known as HelpInfo XML files. A HelpInfo XML file must have a name with the following format.


The elements of the name are as follows.

  • <ModuleName> - The value of the Name property of the ModuleInfo object that the Get-Module cmdlet returns.

  • <ModuleGUID> - The value of the GUID key in the module manifest.

For example, if the module name is "TestModule" and the module GUID is 9cabb9ad-f2ac-4914-a46b-bfc1bebf07f9, the name of the HelpInfo XML file for the module would be: