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This template allows you to run a managed disk RAID performance test using fio utility.

Upon template deployment you will have the managed disk performance automatically measured. You can see the measurements like this:

OutputsString           :
                          Name             Type                       Value
                          ===============  =========================  ==========
                          testresult       String                     READ: io=2051.2MB, aggrb=78853KB/s, minb=19713KB/s, maxb=20024KB/s, mint=26222msec, maxt=26636msec; WRITE: io=2044.9MB, aggrb=78613KB/s, minb=19653KB/s, maxb=19963KB/s, mint=26222msec, maxt=26636msec;

alt text

To re-measure and get full ouput you can login to the test VM with credentials you provided during deployment and use this a command like this:

sudo fio --runtime 30 /opt/vmdiskperf/t

Or make another test, like this:

sudo echo -e '[io]\nrw=randrw\nsize=128m\ndirectory=/datadisk' | sudo fio -

In case you don't need to re-measure, it is safe to delete the created resource group.

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