Adding and developing new capabilities

Applies to: Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019

System Insights enables you to add new predictive capabilities to System Insights, without requiring any OS updates. This enables developers, including Microsoft and third parties, to create and deliver new capabilities mid-release to address the scenarios you care about.

Any new capability can integrate with and extend the existing System Insights infrastructure:

  • New capabilities can specify any performance counter or system event, which will be collected, persisted locally, and returned to the capability for analysis when the capability is invoked.
  • New capabilities can leverage the existing Windows Admin Center and PowerShell management planes. Not only will new capabilities be discoverable in System Insights, they also benefit from custom schedules and remediation actions.

Manage new capabilities

  • Learn how to add, remove, and update capabilities using PowerShell.

Develop a capability

Use the following resources to help you get started writing your own custom capabilities:

  • Learn about the data sources you can collect.
  • Download the System Insights NuGet package, which contains the classes and interfaces you need to write a capability.
  • Visit the API documentation to learn about the System Insights classes and interfaces.
  • Use the System Insights sample capability to help you get started. This shows you how to register a capability, specify the data sources to collect, and start analyzing system data.


This is prerelease functionality. It's subject to change, as we add new functionality and incorporate feedback.

Additional References

To learn more about System Insights, use the following resources: