Overview: Main billing and tax articles in Partner Center

Appropriate roles: Admin agent | Billing admin | Global admin | Sales agent

This article provides links to information about billing and tax topics in Partner Center including billing resources, invoices, CSP billing, and taxes.

Topic Description
Billing basics Billing made easy: we'll help you understand payments, invoices, reconciliation, etc.
Types of billing Learn about all CSP billing types to avoid confusion.
Understand your bill Know your CSP bill and pay on time.
Free trials Try out new services risk-free with free trials.
Reconciliation file Our simple guide makes it easy to understand reconciliation files.
Common billing scenarios Stay ahead of the game with our explanations of common billing scenarios like monthly, annual, one-time, and recurring charges.
Tax responsibilities and exemptions Know your tax obligations and exemptions.
Azure spending budget Set a budget to keep track of how much customers spend on Azure.
Non-payment, fraud or misuse Protect your business against nonpayment, fraud, or misuse.
Request an SLA credit for outages Know how to get an SLA credit for any service outages.

If you're looking for Partner Center API billing information and resources, see the developer billing documentation.

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