Use these resources to help you get started with incentives

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This article offers a quick introduction to Microsoft incentives programs and describes some incentives resources to help you get started.

About the Incentives program

As a partner in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, you have access to various incentives programs that can reward you for delivering services to customers. These programs can also help you expand your business.

If you're new to incentives and want to learn more about available incentives programs, sign in to Microsoft investments and incentives.


If you aren't yet a partner, consider joining the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. When you do, you can start taking advantage of incentives and the other benefits available to partners in the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.

Incentives resources to help you get started

Before you can be paid for your work in an incentives program, you need to provide details about your program, earnings eligibility, bank and tax profiles, and more. The following resources can help.

To do this Read this
Learn about enrolling in the incentives program. Enroll in the incentives program
Learn if your incentives work meets eligibility requirements for an incentives program (applicable to some programs only). Determine your program eligibility
Locate and provide the data Microsoft requires before you can receive your incentives payouts. Create and manage payout and tax profiles in Partner Center
Learn about all the Microsoft Commerce Incentives engagements available and your eligibility status for each one of them. MCI engagements overview and eligibility

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