Power Apps portals version 9.3.7.x Release Notes

Power Apps portals version 9.3.7.x is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in 9.3.7.x .

Repaired Functionality

The following list details issues that are resolved/updated in this update.


  • Tab key does not go to month control present under calendar button on datetime control.
  • Time picker is not read by Narrator in Edge browser in Datetime Control.
  • Screen Readers announce "invalid entry" when no entry has been provided for required user input controls on forms and login page.
  • Screen reader does not announce search results on Lookup dialog
  • Screen reader does not announce 'The form could not be submitted for the following reasons' when error appears on the screen.
  • While navigating in scan mode, NVDA is not reading about 0% present in the progress bar of an Advanced Form.
  • In scan mode, when focus comes to progression bar of an Advanced form, NVDA is not reading the word "Percentage".
  • In high contrast black/white mode, user is not able to identify the selected date/month/year present in the calendar.
  • Screen Reader navigates to hidden content announcing 'ddmmyy' when navigating to calendar control in scan mode.
  • Generated errors are announced by Narrator when expanding unrelated combo boxes.
  • A filter option on lookup dialog is read as link instead of button by screen readers.
  • In browse mode, NVDA is not announcing the disabled information for 'Previous page' in an Advanced form.
  • Radio Buttons from Option Set fields not grouped correctly.
  • Map Control - Labels are not announced for 'address' edit field and within '100 miles' combo box.
  • Phone Number Fields - Input hint are not provided by default for phone number fields.
  • Captcha Control- "Generate a new image" and "Play the audio code" controls has roles defined as links instead of buttons.
  • Captcha Control- When user clicks on 'Generate a new image' button, new image is displayed, but there is no confirmation of action to user.
  • Captcha Control- Error message "CAPTCHA is incorrect. Please try again." is not announced by NVDA as soon as it appears.


  • Entity List- Action buttons on entity list are not rendered in the order defined in entity list configuration.
  • Entity List- When rendering entity list as calendar, "Specific Timezone" configuration is not respected and datetime is shown according to user's browser timezone.
  • Entity List- If Sorting is specified on multiple columns in the View designer, it is not respected on portal while rendering entity lists.
  • Entity List- Download Excel file button is clickable even when it is disabled in Entity List UI.
  • SharePoint Integration- Pagination doesn't work properly if the user deletes the first file in the SharePoint document list.
  • Basic Forms- Console error is shown on browser developer toolbar when a user paste text in multiline text field on basic forms.
  • Basic Forms (Firefox Only)- If multiple datetime controls are present on the form, sometimes form will not get submitted when user clicks on submit button.
  • Basic Forms - In entity form, on submit required field with checkbox formatting showing the asterisk two time.
  • PCF - Floating point controls are not working properly when placed in a Portal form.
  • Table Specific- "Allow line item creation without an associated price list" setting is not honored on Portal.
  • Liquid - valueof attribute in fetchxml filter does not work for column based compare filtering on Portal.

    This release also contains performance updates, security fixes, and improves overall reliability of Power Apps portals.